First Gummies Verified by USP

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Gummies are a recent entry in the dietary supplement category, providing additional options to meet your dietary supplement needs. Many choose gummies for their dietary supplement needs because they are chewable and often tastier, making them a more convenient solution for kids as well as some adults. Currently, gummy vitamins account for almost 10% of all dietary supplements (ranking third behind pills and soft gels), and sales are forecasted to grow.

USP has led efforts to develop tests to ensure the quality of this innovative and popular delivery form.  In early 2016, experts from major gummy manufacturers, ingredient manufacturers, contract laboratories, and trade associations gathered at USP for discussions about developing standards to ensure the quality of gummy supplements. Shortly afterward, Nature Made became the first brand to earn the USP Verified Mark for a gummy vitamin, a development that Drug Store News characterized as “adding credibility to an already popular product.”

If you—like a growing number of children and adults—find that gummies best fit your supplement needs for tastier nutrition, be sure to look for the USP Verified Mark to ensure that what’s on the label is in the product.