Don’t Believe Everything You Read on Supplement Labels” - “Without any industry oversight, we cannot guarantee that what the label says on the bottle is actually in the bottle. … Because of this, Dr. Neides recommends consumers purchase only brands that are clearly marked with the USP label.

Daniel Neides, MD – Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Insitute
Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute

The Green Pharmacy– "I am open to complementary medicine. But with my patients, I try to set some rules to protect their health and their wallets."

Candis Morello, PharmD, professor of clinical pharmacy at Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of California San Diego Health

Policy on Dietary Supplements and Herbal Remedies – “Our AMA continues to urge Congress to modify the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act to require that (a) dietary supplements and herbal remedies including the products already...

American Medical Association

"Dietary supplements are increasingly popular among older Americans … AARP supports public quality standards for dietary supplements and encourages consumers to look for supplements whose quality has been verified by an independent third party like USP."

Leigh Purvis
AARP Public Policy Institute

“What can other individuals who are concerned about supplement safety do? They can look for “U.S.P. Verified” on the label — this proves the supplement has been inspected and approved under the United States Pharmacopeial Convention.” 

Paul Offit, MD and Sarah Erush, PharmD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia